Voice of
Taras Shevchenko

- The most unique NFT-collection to support Ukraine 🇺🇦 

- 650+ NFTs with a reconstructed using AI voice of the most famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko

- 11 months of RnD efforts, from 150 experts

press about us

{video explaining}

How, in the absence of any recordings, we managed to synthesize the voice of the poet.

who is Taras Shevchenko?

He was punished by exile for writing poems that satirized the oppression of Ukraine by Russia.

Out of 47 years, he hadn't been free for 34 years.

Every single Ukrainian glorifies his name.

creation process

The development of the project lasted about a year and 150 experts from various fields took part in it. TABASCO dedicated the project to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence.

step 1

For one month a group of Shevchenko scholars searched the archives for useful information.

step 2

All information received was sorted in order of importance.
a 3D model of Shevchenko‘s head was created
108 people who best met the identified parameters were found

step 3

Within the framework of the developed methodology the rating of candidates was formed according to their appearance, height, physique, region, features of health, etc.

step 4

Using special algorithms, we determined the levels of similarity of each candidate with the poet.

step 5

Based on studies confirming the existence of a clear correlation between body, facial features, and voice, the neural networks selected three best representatives.

The data of each of the parameters for all candidates were transferred to a multifactor model which allowed us to create the final rating.

our NFTs

Keep Fighting

Keep Fighting

Keep Fighting

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Keep Fighting

NFT team

Arsenii Nasikovskyi

Marketing / Product development

Petru Golub

Head of Design

Vladislav Khomenko

SMM Team Lead

Anton Shramenko


Margarita Bondar

SMM Manager

Habaidulin Yurii

SMM Designer

RnD team

All data were processed and analyzed by special algorithms and transferred to a multifactorial model, which helped to form a rating of candidates for further synthesis of Shevchenko's voice.

Alexey Shaldenko
Candidate of Technical Sciences & co-founder of WANTENT

This is one of the most complex projects of our agency, which combines the cultural core of Ukraine with modern technologies. The result is the voice of the nation.

Alexander Smirnov
Co-founder and creative director of the TABASCO agency

A similar project has already been implemented in the Netherlands, where the initiative group reproduced the voice of Rembrandt. But if the voice of the artist is just interesting and cool, then the verses recreated by the voice of the author himself are already to some extent a sacred and symbolic plane.

Eric Miller
Associate Creative Director TABASCO

For the project, we needed information about Shevchenko's appearance, his voice, habits, manner of behavior in everyday life, which had to be found in the memoirs of his contemporaries. It was an exciting experience because it is always interesting to learn about a person's life, how he lived, what he did.

Oleg Magdich
Head of the Exhibition Work Sector at the National Taras Shevchenko Museum

our roadmap

step 2

The drop of hoodies with unique designs and qr-codes linking to the purchased NFTs. Available only for the NFT holders.

step 3

The NFT holders' names will be stated in the official museum of Taras Shevchenko.

When the war ends, the contributors will be able to come to the museum and see their names there.

step 4

Voice of Shevchenko will be used in educational sector, delivering immersive experience for Ukrainian and international students.

The voice will be used to popularize Ukrainian culture in media, libraries, museums.

We will push forward projects, that have been requested by Ukraininian government and regional administrations to integrate the voice of Shevchenko into everyday life of ukrainian society (traffic announcements, radio, special events, etc).